Animal Education Adventure

Want to bring the classroom outside? Our Animal Education Adventure Program is designed to meet Pennsylvania State Standards, making it easy to tie into science class back at school!

Programs can be adjusted to fit all ages and group sizes.

Fun with Reptiles

Turtle or tortoise? In this class students will be exposed to herpetology and get to meet a reptile up close! This is our most popular program.

Friends of a Feather

Students will be exposed to ornithology and gain an appreciation for birds and some of their unique adaptations.

Sense-sational Animals

We will take a look at the five senses and explore how they are used in the animal kingdom.

Rainforests of the World

Students will learn about the importance of rainforests and about the animals that live there.

Going, Going, Gone

(recommended for grades 4+) We will explore the different threats animals are facing today, and how we may be able to help.